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Electric Fun Days - Electric Bell

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Age: 3.5 to 7

An educational tool kit for (3.5 yrs- 9 yrs) students to learn all about the world of electricity in a funny way. The tool kit is divided into four lesson plans for the teacher and a tool box for the four sessions. Throughout the four lesson plans students start to build their own lighting medal, doorbell, mixers and electric fans.

Ideas Gym got awarded from Saint Louis Museum for designing Electric Fun days

Tool kit Philosophy:

The tool kit aims to give students better understanding for science and technology through exploring different hands-on experiments that teaches them electric concepts and logic thinking while focusing on observation skills.

Short term goals:

1- Understand how simple electric circuits work.

 2- Be able to connect a simple circuit.

3- Explore LEDs.

4- Explore how motors work.

5- Explore Buzzers.

 Long term goals:

 1-Develop scientific thinking skills through exploring.

2- Learning how to ask a question and prove it.

3- Understand the scientific and engineering concepts behind daily used devices.

Area of concentration:

Design - Electric Engineering

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