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Technology capacity building for a sustainable development
بناء الكوادر التكنولوجيا من اجل تحقيق تنمية مستدامة

In Ideas Gym we believe that the explorer of today is the smart citizen of the future. We also believe that sustainable development is achieved through new education techniques starting by deep understanding for science, math , biology and physics to understanding and practicing technology by learning Robotics, Coding, AI, Electronics, Internet of Things , Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Simply we build your skills!


In our E-learning platform we put a ten years of experience in training technology and science in this unique experience you don’t only watch online classes, No you live the class!


For the first time this platform is completely designed to school students and teachers and it’s a special blend. 

Choose one of our blends ;)

Ideas Gym Self-learner Blend!


1- Choose the track according to your level, take the track anywhere online

2- Once you register we schedule meeting with your coach online and face to face in the nearest branch to your location.

3- For hands-on tracks , when you register we send you the materials at home so you can follow-up , practice , build projects and check it with your coach.


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