Our Vision

We are Alsearag Company known as Ideasgym, We are a Company serving Educational community since 2011 Registered in Estonia 2019 and in Egypt 2011.

Ideas Gym since its start had a strong vision towards sustainable technology education. The company is founded in 2011 by two entrepreneurial engineers with experience in R&D and science communication. Ideas Gym name came to conclude the founders’ first theory in education which they published in the Global Education Forum in Dubai in 2012. The founders proofed the effect of the learning environment and its setup in the learner’s performance and mixing sports during technology classes. Moreover they proofed the importance of blended education in teaching technology.

By teaching and serving thousands of students and teachers  yearly, Ideas Gym is considered a leader in Ed-Tech sector. Ideas Gym services are linked to each others in a unique and a special way that results in a strong eco-system.

 Talented students through Ideas Gym services:

  • Learn technology
  • Linked to research universities
  • Work and earn money during school years
  • Do social activities
  • Represent Egypt internationally
  • Work in R &D.

Ideas Gym services

  • Technology , Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation content creation
  • Technology, Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation training (from 3 years old – 25 years old)
  • Organizing the National Olympiad program in Egypt (Egyptian Math Olympiad-Egyptian Robot Olympiad-Egyptian Biology Olympiad- Egyptian Physics Olympiad)
  • Organizing National Science fair (Blastoff)
  • E-learning and online shop platform
  • School trips and linking schools to Universities program
  • R & D services and smart products

Where you can find IdeasGym?

Ideas Gym main office is in Saba Basha, Alexandria Egypt.

Ideas Gym has : a branch inside Nile University in Shiekh Zayed, Cairo, Egypt

                             a branch inside the University of France in Egypt

                             a branch inside Borg Al.Arab Technology Park

                             a branch inside Assiut Technology Park


Ideas Gym E-learning Platform and On-line Shop

Technology capacity building for a sustainable development

بناء الكوادر التكنولوجيا من اجل تحقيق تنمية مستدامة

In Ideas Gym we believe that the explorer of today is the smart citizen of the future. We also believe that sustainable development is achieved through new education techniques starting by deep understanding for science, math , biology and physics to understanding and practicing technology by learning Robotics, Coding, AI, Electronics, Internet of Things , Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Simply we build your skills!

In our E-learning platform we put a ten years of experience in training technology and science in this unique experience you don’t only watch online classes, No you live the class!

For the first time this platform is completely designed to school students and teachers and it’s a special blend.


Choose one of our blends ;)