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Internships – Ideasgym Store


  • Instructors: Join Ideasgym  Camps to Inspire New Egyptian Generation around Egypt Cities . Join us as Camp Instructor, Assistant Instructor and Camp Administration.
  • Technical Team: Join our team in the online courses production , product design & Development, Photography, Graphics Design  and our e-commerce platforms. 
  • Administration Team: Join our Marketing, Sales, Logistics and Administration team.


      • Apply from any city for camps in many cities around Egypt
      • Paid Internships​ (Salary per Week)
      • Looking for top and talented college students around Egypt.
      • Chose a to work one week or more. 
      • We are looking for top and talented experience university students with practical experience in the Technical topics of the camp with ability to deal, coach and work with young and school students.
      • Training for short listed students about their job, instruction and camps details.
      • Add experience to your C.V
      • Possibility to join our Ideas gym team in the future.
      • Inspire young generation and work on projects that could change their lives and their cities.

      Students From the following Colleges ( Higher Education and Technical Colleges ) can Apply from all cities of Egypt :

      • All Engineering Departments
      • Computer Science
      • ​All Science Departments
      • Math 
      • Pharmacy
      • ِAll Medicine Fields
      • Agriculture 
      • Photography 
      • Media
      • ​Arts
      • Management/Business/Marketing
      • Information system/IT
      • Education (Related to Science, Technology, Math)
      • ​English 
      • ​Tourism and Archaeology
      • ​Sports


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