Blastoff Science & Eng. Fair

11th Blastoff National Science and Engineering Fair 


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(Grade 9 to 12)

Blastoff is the National Science and Engineering Fair in Egypt organized by Ideas Gym.


The Science Fair is a celebration for young researchers and engineers through presenting their findings to the world during the finals.

Students and Teachers work on real research and engineering projects through applying scientific research methodology and engineering process.


(I)    Enhance science research among school students & arouse public understanding of science.

(II)    Offer students an opportunity to present research projects to Research community, leaders, and other students and to public.

(III)    Promote cross-cultural communication and educational exchange.


(I)    Organizer: Ideas Gym
(II)    Partners: Nile University, National Taiwan Science Education Center, Taiwan International Science Fair, European Union Contest for Young Scientists, Egyptian-Japanese University, Silicon Waha.


Participation is open for Teams and Individuals  


1- Students can apply in team or as Individuals 

2- Student participants must be in grades 9-12 and not have reached age 20 on or before Jan. 20th, 2024. 


  1. Biology
  2. Mathematics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics
  5. Environment
  6. Engineering
  7. Medicine
  8. Materials
  9. Computing
  10. Social Sciences


Judging takes place in many steps: 

1) 1st Filtration : Online Application

2) Video Presentation

3) 2nd Filtration: Online Project progress

4) Face to Face meeting/Mentoring

5) City/School Finals 

( According to Schools/City # projects, Pre-finals will take place)

6) National Final Judging:

A preliminary review of the projects is conducted by members of the Jury before the Contest.  The criteria used to assess projects shall be the following: 

  • Originality and creativity in the identification of and the approach to the basic problem;
  • Skill, care and thoroughness in designing and carrying out the study;
  • Following through of the study from conception to conclusion;
  • Reasoning and clarity in the interpretation of the results;
  • Quality of written report (within the confines of the specified limits); 
  • Presentation and ability to discuss the project with the Member of the Jury. 

In applying all these criteria, allowance shall be made for the age and educational level of the Contestants, and the quality of the resources available to them. Preliminary marks in the following categories: • Worthy of a prize - A • Maybe worthy of a prize - B • Not worthy of a prize – C.

A final assessment on the basis of interviews and discussions with the contestants during the exhibition. During the final assessment the Jury meet, and on the basis of both preliminary assessment and the interviews, selects the Prize Winners. 

The Prize Winners are announced at the Award Ceremony. 

Things to Avoid 

The President of the Jury may, at any time, inform the National Organizers where, in the opinion of the Jury, any of the following is apparent: 

  • The contestants have received undue and inappropriate assistance from “experts”; 
  • The contestants have had undue privileged access to resources; 
  • The contestants have clearly plagiarised ideas from others or 
  • The contestants do not acknowledge software used
  • The contestants withhold information from the Jury. 

In such cases,  the committee will withdraw the project from the competition, and even after the event, demand if necessary, the return of any prize monies. 

The decision of the Jury is final. 


  1. National Fair Medals and Certificates
  2. Compete in European Union Contest for Young Scientists (2020)


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