Saba Basha

Ideasgym labs @ Alexandria

Ideasgym Labs located at 6 Makky Street, Saba Basha Area, Alexandria, Egypt where school student can enjoy practical workshops, camps and competitions in Science, Technology, Engineering, Business and Math inside our branch.


Pre-School, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle , and High School.

Our Programs:

1- Weekly Clubs (Weekly Workshops)

2- Camps ( Summer, Winter and Spring)


1- Robotics

2- Electronics

3- Programming

4- Science workshops ( Physics, Biology, Chemistry applications)

6- Engineering Workshops (Explore many engineering fields like Civil , Aerospace, Communication and more )

7- Business and Entrepreneurship 

8- Media

9- Products Design 

10- Enjoying Sports

11- Kindergarten Special program

12- Pre-School Special program

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Sample of our topics






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