World Robot Olympiad

The 9th Egyptian World Robot Olympiad 2019

Organized by Ideasgym 


The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is a global robotics competition for students between the ages of seven (7) and twenty one (21). It brings people together from all over the world to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills through challenging and educational robot competition.

The aim of the Egyptian finals is to qualify Egyptian students to the International finals.

WRO Categories

At WRO we offer challenging competitions for everyone in the age from 6 – 25. We have five competition categories, with their own characteristics and challenges:

  • Regular Category
Elementary: < 12
Junior: 13-15
Senior: 16-19
  • Open Category
Elementary: < 12
Junior: 13-15
Senior: 16-19
  • WRO Football  ( Age 10-19)
  • Advanced Robotics Challenge ( Age 17-25)


  • WeDo Regular and WeDo Open ( Age under 10 )

Each season the challenges and theme for the Regular and Open Category are developed with the country that hosts the International Final. The WRO Football rules and the Advanced Robotics Challenge game are designed together with experts in our community.

WRO 2019 will take place Hungary on November 2019

National Finals in Egypt will be on August- September 2018

2019 Theme

SMART Cities


The 2019 International Rules can be found on this link



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