Ideasgym in "The Digital Transformation of Education" Report Supported By UNESCO UNICEF

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 Ideasgym was mentioned with Khan Academy in "The Digital Transformation of Education: Connecting Schools, Empowering Learners" report. This report has been written collaboratively, drawing on insights and contributions from the participants of the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development’s Working Group on School Connectivity. 


The report is supported by UNESCO UNICEF and International Telecommunication Union
Digital Transformation and Empowering Learners became hot topics after #covidー19. However when it comes to #stemeducation a lot of work is needed. What students learn from Science, Technology, Engineering & Math, pave the way to another future. STEM education is usually overlooked in many places and countries. In addition the way it is introduced to children and schools needs a lot of improvement. Some systems focus on the making aspect, others focus on instructions and few focus on how to communicate science and how build a real relationship with what we learn. 
That wasn't the only mention in UNISCO this year as IdeasGym online Robot training using VRT was considered as one of the 45 promising initiatives and projects to "Foster AI and Inclusion in Education '' in UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2020 Compendium

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