Why online events have very low attendance and then turned to be free

Posted by Yasser Tawfik on

Most of the events and conferences were designed in order to meet people face to face, so when transferring the same events and conferences on the Internet, we notice a lack of attendance, because simply transferring the event in its old form that was prepared for face-to-face interaction will not work, so the events on the Internet must be redesigned. In the form and objectives to suit the needs of the client directly and precisely, if there is an event, for example in the development of education, do not turn the audience into passive listeners , whatever the names of the experts and speakers that you announce, there will be many passive listeners (usually in real conferences, attendees do Another thing at the time of these lectures, but they had paid the ticket early, so the conference was a success :))), if for example there is an event to link start-up companies with investors, focus on direct link between companies and investors only , so there is no need for many speakers and repeated speeches, (in reality also usually not all attendees are listening to these speeches so they have to do so)


now it is a real test to get people pay for real and direct value 

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